Ok, they do in some ways. But in some ways not so much.  When you win, the expectations rise.  When the expectations rise, going above and beyond becomes the demanded rather than the awarded.  Performing at a normal, sustainable level is no longer acceptable.  Take Brazil’s national selection for example.  They have won more world cups than any other national selection in the world.  The result?  Demanding and unforgiving fans. If they don’t make it to the elimination phase, someone will probably turn up dead.  More than likely it will be the coach.

Today we won a big car account.  It is going to mean a lot of money for the agency.  It is also going to mean that, until we hire more creatives, that Saturdays and Sundays are going to be normal 9-7 work days.  It’s great to finally have a car account, but the air is heavy with the thoughts of what that entails.

Cheers to everyone involved and parabéms.  Now’s the time for a party and some good thoughts about turning this client into the next VW of advertising.