I’ve challenged myself to read 20 books this year.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’m a busy kid.  If I make it happen this year, then I’m going to do the book-a-week challenge next year.  So I’m going to keep you abreast of what I’m pulling down lit-wise.  Of course, I’m all about suggestions, as I believe book reviews are written by sadists who use them as a practice in wealth distribution rather than quality assurance.  This is what I’ve done so far…

Pretty cover.  The pages will likely become a poppy&leo inspired wreath.  Drivel.

Wonderful.  Transporting.  Writing style was inspired.  It made up for what Dylan Landis did to my literary soul.

I would do this one about once a year.  There is so much to glean from this book.  I respect the fact that it took a decade to write, it took almost a month to really read.  My brain was reborn in this book.  And that’s a compliment.

Light and easy.  There’s a smushy place in my heart for F. Scott.  I have another of his goodies coming down the line soon.  Short stories were the best transition out of Gabriel García Márquez’s soup.

I’m in the middle.  After chapter three, things made sense, the writing is lovely and an exercise for the brain.  As an expat, I can appreciate writing and thinking in an accented and affected way.