I have a sizeable brain crush on these ads, as does the rest of the world.  So, imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up and saw the final farewell.  It feels like the party was just taking off.  But, I have to admit, on W+K’s part, this was the smartest time to bow out.  We were getting smart to the device, starting to criticize, starting to be familiar.  No one thinks that the familiar is genius.  The main reason that these ads worked is because I can’t think of a person in my agency that would have presented these scripts, let alone someone who would have approved them.  That’s not a knock on my agency, it is a compliment to this work.  It was so unfamiliar that it shocked us into listening.  Once in a blue moon something really new happens and we are all lucky to be spectators as the star shoots by.  I think that this is the goal of my career, not to win awards, but to do something so new that everyone stops for a moment to watch.