You know, before this year, I was sure that the whole “taste of awards blood makes you hungrier” idea was a load of crap.  I still don’t think it is point on, but I do think that a taste of blood makes you an animal, a scared, quivering animal.  This was my first time winning a Cannes Lion, and to win 4 at a time was a huge and delightful surprise.  However, the bar was set early and high and while the expectations are there, the situation for getting stuff done isn’t much different from before the lions.

Of course, the clients are all clamoring, “We want Lions toooooooo.” But, we still have the same people creating, selling and buying as we did before.  What’s changed?!  It’s awkward. This should be the most exciting thing to happen in my career but, it feels like a huge hole being hacked into my self-confidence and my work/life satisfaction.  I feel like one of those people that has a heart attack and then re-evaluates everything. Except, what happened to me was good and I should be proud.  I should be motivated.  I should be excited.  I’m a little awe-struck.  Awe struck over the head.

Is this normal?  All I can think is, “Don’t let 2010 look like a fluke.”  See photo for alternative definition of fluke.