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Not what happens when I’m away

We are not as important as we all think we are. One of the biggest ways agencies benefit from their employees taking vacation is in the form of a big dose of worker humility. It is so wonderful to come back to the office and see that all the things that were life and death prior to your vacating have magically taken care of themselves.  Of course, I also smile a little inside when something has stalled out because I wasn’t there to imbue it with some old fashion “can-do.”  But, overall, it is a very freeing feeling to know that the “must achieves,” “must produce,” “must win” pressures that we face everyday are simply mice in front of up lights.  Now that the pressures feel so much smaller, I feel free to play and to appreciate the fact that I’m paid to do something that I enjoy so much. 


100 Changes I Made In 1 Year | Fresh Creation
100 Changes I Made In 1 Year
Fresh Creation is a blog meant to inspire creative minds.  I’m all in on that.  Anyone that, not only tells creatives to get their heads out of the annuals and off Ads of the World, but also serves as a resource for inspiration is fighting the good fight.  Resources like this get the CopyBroad seal of approval.  (Give me an hour and I’ll illi-up a good looking CopyBroad seal)

Enough with the unsolicited plug.  Today I was checking up on Fresh Creation in my reader and came across one of most intimidating posts I’ve ever read.  The blogger posted a list of 100 things that he changed in his life in 2008.  I’ve gotta think that either this guy has low measures for success with these items or he is nigh ghandi status and we should all become his diciples.  The more I read about his suddenly zen, eco-conscious, spiritual and psychological superiority, the more I felt like I’m sort of a hack at life.

I gotta give him bonus points on a cool idea though.  I’m much more interested in reading about the changes someone made than what they promise to get around to doing.  (Obvious lesson for advertising, show us where you’ve been before telling us where you are going.)

When I finally scraped my self-esteem off the floor and picked myself up high enough to see the computer screen again, I decided that maybe New Years resolutions should be murdered in their sleep and we should celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.  I’m gonna subject you to my not-nearly-100 item list of what I accomplished in 2008 so you can feel better about me too.

1.  Learned a little Portuguese.
2.  Moved to an other continent.
3.  Met the man of my dreams.
4.  Stayed in touch with the most important people in my life.
5.  Was offered a job doing what I love.
6.  Passed as Brazilian in a restaurant.
7.  Left Ad school for a job.
8.  Read a few more books than the year before.
9.  Ate more fruit.
10. Decided to start teaching English.
11. Got a bike in leu of a car.
12. Started to learn to drive a stick.
13. Created my book.
14. Created my website.
15. Sold my first ads.
16. Bought fabric grocery bags and used them.
17. Went to the dentist.
18. Found a home for my family.
19. Watched my best friend get engaged.
20. Learned the value of patience.
21. Learned to Belly Dance.
22. Started my reader and subsequently started educating myself daily.
23. Started learning to love my boyfriend the way he wants to be loved.
24. Color coordintated my closet.
25. Lost 5 pounds.
26. Made the big kids pay attention to me at work.

Please send me your lists.  It will make us all happier to take stock of where we’ve come from recently than to focus on all the things we should be doing.   Positive accomplishments only.