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This past weekend I participated in the YouTube 48 hours Cannes Young Lions Contest. The idea was to get a brief Friday night and make a film and upload it by Sunday night. The brief was for WaterAid. They are an NGO that is pushing governments to keep the promises that they made about improving the potable water and sanitation levels in the 3rd world. 2.5 million people around the world do not have access to toilets or safe drinking water, causing millions of kids to die from something as simple as diarrhea. It’s pretty sad actually, to have to do a campaign to get signature to force politicians to keep their promises. Anyway, this is my film and if you love it, please follow these instructions and help me on my way to Cannes. BTW, the title of this post is about a pony-sized rodent that lives in a very polluted river here in Brazil. It lives and drinks where it poos but it isn’t a problem for the capyvara because it is not a human kid.

How to help if you like the video…
1. go to
2. find the search bar inside the channel
3. type “killer water” in the search and hit “go”
4. click on the video that shows up
5. vote with the green thumb
6. rewatch over and over to increase humor coefficient

Thanks so much and enjoy!


Delancy? Is that you?

(not product described below)

It’s been a really busy few weeks around here.  I’ve been writing a lot and not sharing any of it with you.  First a little explanation on the ole title there.  I have secured my place in hell with the creation of two television spots for (Client protected and subsequently my job).  I am proud of the spots because I really believe that we did everything in our power to make them as good as they could be under the constraints of media (20 sec TVCs) and product (super complicated and small with lots of deliverables). We worked with the best people in the world, O2 (the production company from the film City of God), Seagulls Fly (amazing animation company), S de Samba (sound production pros), and hand models, set designers, and hair stylists flown in from LA and Vancouver.  It was a wonderful experience, even if it will never show up on my reel.

So my place in hell, the products themselves are going to be linked to teen pregnancy, prostitution and cross dressing in the next 10 years, no question.  Also, our child actress, the one the client selected from a list of three relatively fair haired and moustache-free models, was the one with a little pre-pubuescent upper lip fur that required us to wax a child.  And that right there, my friends, is where I sold my soul to the industry.  BTW, the client requested the wax, not us.

So, in an effort to build up happy feelings and direct your minds to good things in advertising here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks.

Up first, late out of the gate, but totally a “Why didn’t I think of that?” is Boone Oakley’s YouTube based website.  Too good.

Up second, also late to be added… Something near and dear to my heart, Namosca’s Segunda Pele for Adidas.  My lovie was the creative director on this and it blew up all over Brazil and the world.  The idea for non-portuguese-philes is the teams jerseys were stolen.  The team was pretty much like, “Screw it!  We don’t need no stink’n uniforms.  They are just our second skin.”  So they do a manly prayer/chant and then get tattoos of the team logo over their hearts.  It gives futbol fans goosebumps. There’s also a Clue-esque game to find out who stole the shirts.

And finally, something to make you smile.  It gets me every time.  Good job W+K.

Hey kids look what I can do!!  Actually this was a really sweet project.  Youtube has officially created its own nation, electing to send two youngsters to the Cannes Young Lions competition, which heretofore only took two creatives from each physical country.  Anyway, to get a little chance-kins at going to France, all they ask is that people sit patiently at their laptops, wait until the clock hits zero and then, in 48 hours, create a film for the secret brief.  You excited to participate?  Well, you can’t.  The competition was this past weekend and the video you see at the top of this post is the result of my love and labor for Oxfam.  The brief…

The most important message to communicate… People should be concerned because poor people will be the first impacted by climate change.  We are on the course for irreparable damage and a future full of natural disasters unless we compell our politicians to attend the Climate Change Summit in December in Copenhagen.

So that’s what I came up with.  All original content.  All done in 48 hours.  If you love me, go to and look for my spot and vote for it!  Thanks and fingers crossed on France!